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Re: Radio G! Direct Listening Links

NOTICE: Radio G! broadcast network and Web site experiencing significant issues.  Please refer to this post https://forums.radioglive.org/viewtopic.php?pid=32924 for the latest information.  Thank you!


To tune into Radio G!, it's best to go to http://www.RadioGLive.org and click one of the links under "Listen Now!".

If you're trying to listen to Radio G! on some device other than a standard computer or media player, you might need these links below.

These are not directly clickable links (unless noted), but links that you can cut and paste into your favorite player to tune in.  You may need to choose "Open stream", or some such item to paste these in.

Please note: These links can change at any time, due to changes in the Radio G! infrastructure for unforeseen reasons, or to alleviate a problem or outage.  If you're unable to listen, check back for updated links.  We recommend that you bookmark links from our home page at http://www.RadioGLive.org or from the Listen Now! page at http://www.radioglive.org/?page_id=18.

These links last updated May 1, 2023.

A Reason To Dance - Radio G! 128k streams:
MP3 - http://EDM.RadioGLive.com/RadioG-128 Click directly to tune in!
MP3 - http://BROADCAST.RadioGLive.com:8022/stream128 Click directly to tune in!
MP3 - http://DANCE.RadioGLIve.com:8140/

A Reason To Dance - Radio G! 64k streams:
AAC+ - http://EDM.RadioGLive.com/RadioG-64
AAC+ - http://BROADCAST.RadioGLive.com:8022/stream64
AAC+ - http://STREAM.RadioGLive.com:8032

A Reason To Dance - Radio G! 32k streams:
AAC+ - http://EDM.RadioGLive.com/RadioG-32
AAC+ - http://STREAM.RadioGLive.com:8034
AAC+ - http://DANCE.RadioGLive.com:8142

Firewalls?  Need to listen through port 80:
128K MP3 - http://EDM.RadioGLive.com:80/RadioG-128 Click directly to tune in!
128K MP3 - https://radiog.radioca.st/stream128; Click directly to tune in!
64K AAC+ - http://STREAM.RadioGLive.com/stream/rad … mp=/stream
64K AAC+ - http://edm.radioglive.com:80/RadioG-64
32K AAC+ - http://STREAM.RadioGLive.com/stream/ndq … mp=/stream
32K AAC+ - http://EDM.RadioGLive.com/RadioG-32

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