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#1 01-05-2024 10:20:13

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Radio G! Broadcast Outage - November-December, 2023, January, 2024

One of the many providers that make up the Radio G! broadcast network has apparently gone out of business, and has now been unresponsive for a long period of time, with no notice to customers.

We'd been with this provider since the beginning of Radio G!, more than 18 years ago, and they are tightly integrated into our Web site, and broadcast network.  So, now comes the rework of much information.

While we are not entirely offline, most of our links will not be working.

Here's some listening links that are working, to keep you dancing:

In a Web browser:
https://player.shoutca.st/?username=radiog  (Press the yellow "play" button located middle right.)

In your streaming player (like VLC, WinAmp, others), load these URLs:

Some browsers or apps may be able to use this link (but not Chrome/Chromium-based browsers):

We're working to resolve this as quickly as we're able.

Thanks for your support.

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