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#1 07-15-2009 10:21:16

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Re: Radio G! MP3 streams unreliable - July 9-15, 2009 - FIXED

There's been some server moves and changes around here!  And, some of the servers that distribute our Radio G! streams have been hit with a DDOS attack.  In other words, somebody or something is overloading our servers (NOT too mnay listeners, mind you), so that no traffic can come in or out.

Not to worry.  We're sure this attack will be over soon, and that changes and moves will be completed shortly.  In the meantime, we've altered some code to route you to our other servers.

Simply click the MP3 or Flash player links again, and you'll be happily listening in no time.

Note: Our WMP streams are unaffected at this time.


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