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#1 06-05-2020 10:53:07

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Radio G! Broadcast Outage - June 5-6, 2020 - FIXED

Due to issues with 2 of 3 Internet Service Providers at our main stream host, all but 64k streams are offline, currently.  There is currently no ETA on service restoral as the data center works to get things back online.

A Reason To Dance - Radio G! 64k streams:
AAC+ - http://STREAM.RadioGLive.com:8030
AAC+ - http://STREAM.RadioGLive.com:8032
AAC+ - http://edm.radioglive.com:80/RadioG-64

Also, browser-based listening options: http://BROADCAST.RadioGLive.com/

UPDATE: Fixed.  The providers have restored service and all streams are believed to be operational.


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